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About the Doberman


Energetic, noble, intensely loyal, loving, highly intelligent and courageous... all in an elegant and tightly wrapped package. There is just nothing more breathtaking to behold than a well bred Doberman Pinscher.

When well bred, properly raised, and socialized, the Doberman is an excellent companion who is suitable for families, gentle with young children, and an overall loyal and devoted family member.

Dobermans are often feared by those who do not know them, and while they can be a formidable guardian, they are more typically a gentle, watchful, loving family dog. Bred as a companion and protector, the Doberman wants to be part of the family and close to those he loves. He is trustworthy with children, friends and guests, as long as he is treated with kindness and respect. They are natural protectors with fearless hearts and will defend family and property if a threat is perceived.

The Doberman Pinscher is often referred to as the 'velcro dog' as they prefer to stick close to their people. Expect to be closely watched, leaned upon, rubbed up against and otherwise adored. If that sounds like something you would not appreciate, then this is not likely the breed for you. The Doberman is seriously people oriented and will not do well if left outside or kept in a kennel environment. They are an indoor breed and need to be protected from cold and inclement weather - as their short coats make them sensitive to the cold.

Despite these admirable qualities, the Doberman comes with its own challenges. As a breed with high energy and keen intelligence, it does bore easily; which can lead to problems if the dogs needs for training, discipline and exercise of the mind and body are not met. They are larger at 60 to 80+ LBS and require firm direction, consistency, socialization, training and exercise to be the family member all will love and adore. This is a dog that cannot live without firm, fair direction and rules, and can easily become too much for those with more laid back lifestyles.

A healthy Doberman can live as long as 12 years of age, with an exceptional few living longer, however the average lifespan is 9 years. Common problems include heart disease, wobblers disease, liver disease and cancer. Dogs can also commonly be affected by Von Willebrand's disease, bloat and thyroid issues.

Doberman do not have intense grooming needs. They do shed hair moderately so a light brushing once a week is good to stimulate healthy coat and skin, as well as rid them of dead and loose hair. Nails should be trimmed or dremmled at least once a week, and consideration should be given to brushing or scaling their teeth on a regular schedule.  

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