Rye ‘Red Dog’, or ‘Bubby’ as he was more affectionately known, was our rescue boy, and champion of our hearts.

Coming to us at a very young age, which we guessed to be about six months of age; he was afraid and extremely unsocialized, covered in ticks, and in need of some weight. The plan was to get him healthy and socialized and rehome him, but we failed miserably. It took us many years, and a great deal of time and effort, but he became a confident, quiet outgoing dog who got along with literally all people and animals alike, and he stayed right here with us until the day he died.

Rye was a great companion and friend to our kids, and he was the apple of my husband Ken’s eye. He was a gentle soul always full of love and fun, and had a long history of health issues. For many years we fought severe and chronic ear infections, and then liver issues. We saw many vets, and spent many thousands of dollars to allow him a quality life and managed to get well over ten years with him. He is the poster child of why we support breed rescue, and why we support responsible breeders and owners. He did not have the benefit of being bred responsibly, nor was he ever given the love and responsible care he so greatly deserved as a baby, but he still gave us all of his love, attention and trust unconditionally.